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One of the truly amazing things to me is how I went about 19 and a half years without being exposed to the facts of 9/11.

9/11 was a horrible tragedy by foreign terrorists who successfully attacked our country.

This is what I believed, and so many still believe.

If you don’t know me well, I’m big on context and mind tools. The most consistent feedback I get from people I’ve worked with, friends and clients, is that my unique gift is one of perspective and cutting through the noise to get down to the most accurate and effective context.

And perspective is quite significant when it comes to getting to strange and complicated facts.

What seems true does not make something true.
What most people accept as true does not make something true.
What certain experts say is true does not make something true.

There is just what happened, and what did not happen.

This is a simple reality that is not so simple in practice. Many people do not seek the truth in its naked, raw form. People rely on other methods. There are many reasons for this, one being what I would describe as a “creep” of laziness that has permeated our culture.

We trust the experts, we rely on technology to do it for us, and fewer and fewer people know how to survive off the planet.


What’s interesting about conspiracy theories is that most people have no idea what they are.

The funny thing about conspiracy theories is that most people would say a conspiracy theory is an out-there, often insane, theory that we can clearly know to be false. But in thinking this, the line of thinking itself

A conspiracy theory is a term created that attempts to smear a theory as not credible and effectively has people look away from it.

To say all conspiracy theories are true or false is an oversimplification of a huge collection of events.

The more important takeaway is that terminology and labels are weapons that can be used as part of psychological operations. Words are powerful. Words tied to emotions shifts reality.

Even part of my coaching program is centered around how your set of core beliefs create your reality. This is not a metaphor.

In many major conspiracy theories, these words are meant to give you a certain feeling, and most people won’t bother looking into the facts once they hear it is a conspiracy theory.

Let’s go back to our original thesis – The truth is what happened. Nothing more.


Never Forget.

Never Forget the thousands whose lives were taken for no reason.

Never Forget the lies put forward by the media and gov agencies to make us believe that terrorist hijackers with box cutters were behind the attacks.

It wasn’t until earlier this year that I was exposed to what really happened on 9/11, which blows my mind. I simply never came across the information that clearly shows the official story to be ridiculous.

The specifics of what happened can be debated.

When you are presented with the facts, however, what is not debatable is that the official story is absolutely absurd and clearly a fabrication, likely an orchestration.

Here are 5 minutes to touch on some of the main issues in a sattirical fashion.

And here is the first video in a series (which you can find easily from this first one) which go over in detail all of the facts, the markers, of what exactly happened on that day in 2001.

Like anything, you should never blindly trust. Watch. Gather data. The truth is always where the facts lead you.

Instead of creating one undeniable story in your mind of what happened, you can find it easier sometimes to simply collect information, data points, and see where the body of knowledge leads you.


A deep dive of the markers of 9/11 reveals similarities in other events before and since. The removal of constitutional rights in the name of safety, the perpetuation of foreign wars and a sowing of division between people that is orchestrated to include anyone and everyone except the guilty.

The criminals behind 9/11 are those who like to operate behind the scenes. And until there is a uniting against them, they will not be defeated and brought to justice.

So on this, the 20th anniversary of 9/11, let the enduring slogan NEVER FORGET be more than another psych op under the guise of patriotism to hate foreign people and sow division.

Let NEVER FORGET be the reminder of who the real enemy is, and what they have carried out on We The People. Let it be our call to action in the names of the fallen.