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Strategy Session with Justin

Invest 45 minutes in a “deep dive” into the area of your life that matters most right now, and get a professional diagnosis of your next best steps.

“Justin has an uncanny ability to cut through all the BS and get to the one or two things that are actually holding you back in life.” – JAMIE S.
“Justin was like the guidance counselor I never had. He worked with me to help discover my strengths.” – ALEXANDRA C.
“Justin has an uncanny ability to cut through all the BS and get to the one or two things that are actually holding you back in life.” – JAMIE S.
“Justin was like the guidance counselor I never had. He worked with me to help discover my strengths.” – ALEXANDRA C.

Justin’s Programs

The highest value coaching program for those pursuing excellence in personal performance, with dedicated and priority 1-to-1 time.

(Limited Space)

Being Irresistible is a development program for women to master their love life and relationships.

A holistic-based coaching program for ongoing accountability, consistency, and evolving a full and meaningful life, great for those in need of an affordable, “get-in-and-go” solution.

About Justin

Justin Messina

Since 2016, I have been working with dedicated individuals to discover and develop their God-given gifts, break out of persisting patterns, and strategically craft personalized performance systems to realize key life results.

Who I help

I help entrepreneurs, industry leaders and individuals committed to excellence in their lives. I only work with those who are driven to mastering their approach to life to realize abundance in the areas that matter most to them.

Whether its working out of a chaotic situation or simply rising to the next level, usually it only takes a 5% tweak to open the floodgates to receiving exactly what you want.

I also offer a signature program where I help women master their love lives and relationships at Being Irresistible. You can see more at Being Irresistible by clicking here. 

What I do

I help you create new language and awareness about your gifts, patterns, and how you get things done. I do this through 1-to-1 private coaching and group programs. My programs aim to maximize meaningful results and minimize time spent over-stressed, stuck in complexity and grinding it out.

Is Personalized Performance Coaching right for you?

Private Coaching with Justin is for those dedicated to excellence, personal and professional development. All programs are personalized for your specific, desired results. To inquire about Private Coaching, apply/schedule a 45-minute Strategy Session.

Who is this for?

Private Coaching Programs with Justin are great for people who are driven by purpose and excellence. Programs are highly personalized based on your desired results and are performance-based.

Private coaching includes the highest level of personal attention and produces the greatest results in the shortest time periods. Therefore, this program is best for those seeking the top level results by having a trusted confidant, and immediate access to an array of tools that come along with an experienced coach like Justin.

Who is this not for?

Private Coaching Programs with Justin are not a good match for people who are:
  • Only casually interested in reaching a goal.
  • Those with “no time” in their schedule for changing their life.
  • Seeking goals which advance the interests of morally corrupt people or institutions.
  • Seeking goals which are empty of purpose and meaning, or have a net negative impact on the world. 
This Strategy Session is an opportunity to see if we are a good fit to work together. I invite you to apply for a Strategy Session and let the chips fall where they may, because this session provides a diagnosis of your current situation, and there may be other pathways I can present you if this program is not a good fit.

How it works:

Every Personal Coaching Program begins with a 1-on-1, 45-minute Strategy Session to investigate where you are now, where you’re looking to go, and outlining a personalized program for you.

At the end of the call, you (and Justin) will land on one of three paths:

  • You determine the program is a good fit and start a personalized Private Coaching Package
  • You determine the program is not a good fit at this time, or
  • I present you with an alternative program or solution more compatible with your current situation.
Keep in mind, Strategy Sessions are not “free coaching sessions.” They are to determine if you and I are the right fit to work together, and are for serious inquiries only.

You should not book a session if you already know with certainty that you cannot or will not invest in a coaching program.

A Strategy Session…

is a deep dive session designed for serious people to explore if a private coaching program with Justin is a great fit for you.

All elements of Private Coaching Programs are personalized to match you, your specific situation, and desired results.

Whether it be a time concern, price concern, or success/performance concern, Strategy Sessions are designed to identify your challenges and discuss a plan to reach targets and solve problems.

I look forward to hearing from you, and hopefully, doing great things together.

Justin Messina

Coaching Arsenal

We will personalize your program based on your desired results. As a private client, you will have access to a powerful arsenal of growth tools and resources.

With this arsenal at your ready, you will have ultimate confidence in tactfully and efficiently dealing with whatever challenges arise.

The Laser System: Performance Tracking of Extreme Results

Profiling & Brand: Proprietary Technology to Bio-Hack Your Path Ahead

Client Wins

Principles of our Programs

Multi-Angled Perspective

We invest in our clients by creating real relationships. Our clients tend to become our long-time friends for mutual benefit.

Invested Relationships

We invest in our clients by creating real relationships. Our clients tend to become our long-time friends for mutual benefit.

Meaningful Results

I am a firm believer in coaching where it matters. If your goal is an empty shell and meaningless to your life, I want no part in helping you achieve it. Likewise, if you are looking to take small steps and try out coaching, there are other coaches for you out there.

By contrast, if you are determined and set on achieving the kind of meaningful results that produce a cascade of positive results in all areas of your life, then I’m your guy. If you are determined and committed to achieving your mission, I promise to match that level of commitment – in YOU.

Loyal to Results

Clients’ results are the bar. Everything else is secondary. Because so many of your options for coaches and programs hold a loyalty to a certain institution, organization, or single approach, they are limited by their very foundation. I work outside the system, am freed up to experiment and implement new developmental tools, and expand on tried-and-true methods.

Speed & Efficiency

Using a variety of tools, we cut right to the heart of the thing you need to focus on, such as the critical problem area, or the underlying blockage. For most determined people, the most critical next step is a 5% tweak in any given area. Our proprietary technology and development tools is designed to shine a spotlight on exactly where to focus, and tackle that monster first.

Independent & Uncensored

I don’t accept money from or work with big corporate interest groups with set methods of operation. I am not married to specific ideas, nor am I loyal to certain companies or institutions. I reserve my loyalty for my clients and the methods that produce them the greatest results. Working in this way fosters an untethered coaching environment that allows you access to a vast array of tools and a speed of implementation.

Approach & Method


Without a broad look at your life, it is impossible to consistently get to the source of an issue or challenge. Using an holistic approach to coaching allows you to identify the source of the matter, bridge the gap, and do so with speed and efficiency so you can be on your way to the next level and the next challenge.


Whether in leadership, career or relationship programs, my investment in my clients’ lives produces the intended results, plus unintended results that leave people empowered, in action and taking ground in ways that were not possible before.

Utilizing face-to-face time and proprietary technology, we will factor in the most important variable in the equation, YOU. Many people will give advice that they are regurgitating from “experts,” or getting you to do it in the way that worked for them. There is a major distinction between someone who is extremely successful and someone who has helped make others extremely successful.

With me, you’re getting a professional with a track record of reliably producing results for my clients.  I am a seasoned coach who understands that your target goals, performance system, and the coaching relationship itself, must be personalized to fit YOU if you’re going to realize massive results. Here is my track record with clients.

Gifts & Branding Technology

My personalized approach to performance includes proprietary technology, developed from results-focused study on talents and gifting, personality-type assessments and personal branding tools. I do the heavy lifting and provide you a clear and actionable roadmap to quickly achieve the result at hand.


The integrated approach is a deep dive approach that maximizes effectiveness and the lasting nature of results produced. It quickly gets to the heart of you as an individual, and yields the precise set of shifts needed to achieve your desired result.

Teach to Fish

The old addage is “you can give a man a fish and he eats for a day, or you can teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.” I am not a tactics or gimics kind of coach who gives you answers to specific life questions, because there will always be a new situation with a new question.

 Some professionals love this, because then the client will get dependent on their services. Our relationship will be one of mutual respect and investment. My job is to instill in you the tools you need to reach your target. Once you reach it, you are free to complete the coaching agreement or zero in on your next target.

Private Coaching

Book a 45-minute strategy session and discover what working with Justin in a private and personalized program will do for you to reach your most meaningful goals.

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