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“People don’t have business problems.

They have personal problems that manifest in their business.”

Schedule Strategy Session for the Performance Coaching Program

Core Outcomes

  • Achieving a greater work-life balance.
  • Improving efficiency & systematizing your life and business.
  • Expand your social abilities to manage staff and personal relationships.
  • Providing consistent accountability in key life areas.
  • Quick improvements to important but neglected life areas.
  • Small tweaks in targeted areas produce a ripple effect of results.
  • Creating and actually living a meaningful, integrated life.

Unique Advantages: Working with Justin

  • Experienced coach in producing clients’ intended results in major life areas.
  • Program personalization & development tools to match your human design.
  • Coach with actual business experience and speaks the language of business.
  • Wealth of coaching experience and developmental training far beyond a “life coach certification.”
  • Engineering and technical training that adds an element of process-efficiency to your coaching program.
  • Timely, consistent day/time for weekly coaching sessions with built-in flexibility.

Schedule A Strategy Session

The strategy session is an opportunity for you and Justin to evaluate if the performance coaching program matches your desired outcomes and current situation.

Here’s what clients say…

A Letter from Justin

A word from me to you,

I specifically created this program for people who are striving to do something big in the world, and need that support and check-in to stay on top of the many moving parts.

My style of coaching here is to simplify the process, strip out all the bells and whistles, and make this a great value-for-cost opportunity to make consistent and focused progress in a holistic approach.

And as a past and current business owner myself, I can likely relate to your day-to-day, your unique challenges, and how managing your life outside of your mission can be an untenable task.

I serve as a skilled guide who can quickly identify the source of an issue and how to tackle it. This skill has heightened importance for you as a business owner because of the reality that your personal challenges and growth gaps will always affect your business.

Since the majority of classically-trained coaches train in one discipline, it is difficult for the average coach to consistently identify the source consistently to be able to take advantage of these growth gap opportunities.

The performance coaching program for business owners and high achievers is personalized to match you, your specific situation, and desired results.

I look forward to hearing from you, and hopefully, doing great things together.

Justin Messina

A note on strategy sessions:

Whether it be a time concern, price concern, or success/performance concern, strategy sessions are designed to identify your challenges and discuss a plan to reach targets and solve problems.

Strategy sessions are not “free coaching sessions” and you will not be coached or given advice during these sessions. The session helps diagnose and orient individuals to their best next steps.